Coffee & Sanitary Napkins

After years of flying, it finally happened. Someone spilled something all over me. Coffee, to be exact. A lot of coffee. The woman behind me spilled what appears to be all of her large coffee onto the seat in front of her. That means much of it went through the seats and onto me.

I didn’t notice it at first. I was moving my water bottle for the lady joining my row to sit and felt moisture. Being a gentleman, I wiped it thinking it was from my water. Which was sealed. My other seat mate pointed out that it was coffee and it was all over me.

I felt my side and it was drenched. I took off my nice light green sweater and found it soaked. I asked the flight attendant for some club soda. She responded immediately with club soda, paper towels, and a sanitary napkin.

She explained that it is a trick of the trade because it is super absorbent (obvi) and it does not leave any paper residue like paper towels do. I had a good laugh with my surrounding passengers as I mopped up my sweater.

So, there you go. A super useful life hack for an unexpected object. I’m off to buy a big box of pads when I land.

It’s butch to soak up the coffee spilled on you with a sanitary napkin. Be Butch. 

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