4 More Years

I am delighted to go to sleep tonight knowing that my President, your President, was re-elected. I am relieved to know that the majority of my country values equality, civil rights, and concern for those with less and those who can’t, over government dictated religious/moral beliefs, unfairness, and conserving wealth and privilege for those who can. Thank you, America.

That said, I am not a sore winner.

I respect and value my Republican and other conservative friends and family who are as devastated as I am happy. I am not happy at your expense. I wish it were not so. There is so much more that unites us than divides us. It’s time for the President to get through the gridlock. It’s time for him to make sure the whole county feels represented and valued.

But at my core, I know I will sleep well knowing that my rights will march ever-closer to equal. That truly should not take anything away from my beloved friends and family who, for other reasons, are frustrated, tonight. So please know, that is why I celebrate tonight.

It’s butch to support your country, and, yet to always honor those that don’t agree with you. Be butch.

7 thoughts on “4 More Years

  1. 4 more years. What a beautiful thing. I’m not ashamed to say President Obama’s acceptance speech made me cry a little. He is a great man. He is the first president to make this Butch truly proud to be an American.

  2. Whew! I must admit to moments of fear through that one. Although that might mean, as you suggest, that others are now feeling fear. How can we become so fractured? Why is equality and a voice so threatening?
    I vow to stop my jokes about Republican positions and attempt to understand why we present such a danger to them. Maybe then we can begin to heal. Thanks for being the bigger person!

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