Acceptable Butch Slang

We all know about pet names. You and your girl call each other all sorts of adorable things. But what do you call your friends? Your butch friends. Here’s a couple I see used frequently, but I’m not sure how cool they all are. There’s really only 2 or 3 I use here. I hope y’all will add some more.

1. Bud – This one never feels right for me. Maybe it’s too Fast Times at Ridgemont High for me. I realize this dates me, but I think that’s my point. It’s a bit old.

2. Buddy – Maybe for a friend who’s still in primary school. Otherwise, I say only if you’re drinking, like when you are helping each other out of the strip club “I love you, Buddy! Help me find my hotel.”

3. Brah – If you accompany it with the hang loose sign and you aren’t carrying a surfboard, you might be a tool. Otherwise, can be a good one.

4. Bro – Yes and no, right? Is that butch really your bro? Tread lightly. I use this with my bromance and it works (but he’s a dude, see below).

5. Dude – Widely acceptable. Danger of sounding like a college kid. Also, don’t you dare call a femme this.

6. Friend – safe, familiar. Seems more popular with people from the Midwest.

7. Man – Obviously.

8. Pal – Fine if you are in your sixties. Hey pal, want to watch the Golden Girls with me?

What other names do you call your friends?

It’s Butch to have butch friends. I don’t have enough. Be Butch.

11 thoughts on “Acceptable Butch Slang

  1. I’m at a generational disadvantage here, Butch. Also, I call you Tristan, so there’s that. How about bestie…too Big Bang Theory??
    BFF works for me, but I fear that ‘Dear One’ (which I use) plants me on the lovely grounds of Downton Abby; still use it tho.
    I’m off to see a friend I’ve known since the 2nd grade (wont say how long ago that was) but back then we called each other friend, accompanied by a hug, and we still do.
    I suspect that WHAT you call them is not as important as that you call them! I will look forward to what your brilliant readers suggest!

  2. Well, some of these might get me in trouble, but they aren’t used in a negative way.. You’re audience might or might not like depending on how they are taken.. but here it goes…
    1. Babe – To the ladies that I’m very tight with at work or in my life… Baby just doesn’t come out well, tho, my best girl that I’ve known since 1986 calls me that..
    2. Lady – To the ladies that I’m close with and with a little bit of comedic insinuation, yet friendly connotation..
    3. Dude – Yeah, I feel a bit like “Bill & Ted” when I say it, but it just really feels right most of the time.. and yeah, I’m a 45 year old guy saying it, but then again, I don’t feel like I’m 45…
    4. Friend – Only to my friend from Colorado… and she started it, but it feels right… but I also call her Babe too.
    5. Whore – Only use it with a 1 or 2 of my ‘Mo’ friends… and they don’t actually take offense, cuz these boys know it’s true…
    6. YO – It is general enough that I can use it in place of a ‘label’ of a person..

    Past that, just general alterations of there name… or alot of the time, I call them by their last name…

    If I saw a “certain” someone more often.. I might created a term of endearment for ‘Her Butchness’, but I haven’t SEEN her since Feb 2012… so I’m out of practice… and the occasional phone call or email don’t count…

  3. Ok this may sound very strange but here goes..
    I’m not one for labels as such and can only say with great certainty that I am
    A Female
    B Lesbian
    So as for all other labels I’m kinda lost, which doesn’t really help when trying to address other lesbian friends.
    Ya see, I kinda see myself as very easily being able to fit into either camp of being butch or femme depending on certain things such as, hair style, clothing, make-up, jewelry, etc.
    in saying that I feel that I tend to lean more on the side of being butch or soft butch which I do not & never have had a problem with. In fact I’m actually really comfortable with.
    I find that when I am addressing friends I usually stick with any of the following:
    Mate (British term)
    Baby (reserved for femme that i am intamate with only)
    Mucka or Mukka (northern Irish term for friend)
    How do all you gorgeous Butches feel about being called Baby by a platonic friend?
    Personally this really rattles my cage & makes me cringe. Is that just a personal peeve of mine or do other butch females feel the same? I’d be interested to find out what y’all think.

    • Blogme,

      Mate – tick. Pal – see post. Babe and Baby are no for me in addressing a butch. I agree Baby is very intimate. I like Dude and Bro. Also, some call me Butch (because of my pen name) and I like that a lot. My mom and best bromance call me Her Butchness. That’s my favorite. ;o)


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