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I’ve started thinking about a new car and so have been paying attention to things I would not normally pay attention to. The other day I saw an ad proudly announcing that the new mini-van from whomever “can accommodate 7!” Wow, they are super proud of that.

Now, first and foremost, I know plenty of people need big ass cars and SUVs. Of course. If you have a huge family, are a coach, whatever. Right? No problem. But, for me, and my family of 3, I do not need such a vehicle, and I am so pleased.
Best car ever.

Let me bring you back. About 9 years back. I was driving my favorite car I have ever had: a silver-gray BMW Z3 convertible. Damn that was a sexy car and so, so much fun to drive. Lots of heads turned when I drove around in that number. So, there I am with a dream of a sports car and my partner and I at the time were busy trying to have kids. I knew that I would have to get rid of that sexy little car at some point. No backseat, let alone a place for a car seat. But, I dreaded it.

To add insult to injury, we bought a minivan and I gave up my Z3. It wasnt my car, but still I had to trade in my little baby. Sigh. How trite, right? See, straight friends, we lesbians are JUST LIKE YOU! Same problems and hang ups.

I hated giving up that car.

Now, here I am ready for a new car and feeling a great deal of pressure to move away from the gas-guzzling combustion engine I have in my SUV and to right-size. I do not need to accommodate 7, but I still can’t have a sexy little Z. So, somewhere in the middle I will land. Being an active butch, I will no doubt end up with another SUV but hopefully a hybrid or at least one with high mpg. The polar bears are counting on me.

"It's butch to decrease your carbon footprint. Be butch."
“It’s butch to decrease your carbon footprint. Be butch.”

If the sales guy tells me that the one I am looking at can accommodate 7, I will turn on my heel and walk out.

It’s not butch to drive a mini-van. Be butch.

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  1. I can accommodate 7…and I didn’t want a minivan at first, but then we had the second baby and suddenly all the room, and the heated seats, and the DVD player were so deductive. Now I’m back to a family of three and I need a smaller car with 4 wheel drive for the occasional snow and foul weather, but since my baby girl died (in 2007) I can’t get past that tiny irrational part that reminds me that the van was the last vehicle that held that family. I split up with the kids’ dad and I have my son and gf, so giving up that van means letting go of the last piece of that life. Letting go is hard. πŸ™

    • Well, GG, I would say those are some Class A extenuating circumstances and you should keep that minivan until the wheels fall off. I’m sorry to hear you lost your daughter. No words.

    Butch hug to you bro for thinking about your beloved polar bears when it comes to buying a new vehicle. I have wanted a Jeep wrangler ( uber Butch) since I was 12. Still don’t have one. My commitment to Mother Earth and animals won’t let me. Now if they get off their asses and make a hybrid Jeep, IM ON IT!

    You Rock Butch!

  3. UGH! When I was playing the role of housewife to my Ex-Hubby (butch). She had suggested us getting the Honda Odyessy. *GAG* I was like a …VAN!!! YUCK!! We had one kid! ONE! Who was not really into sports! And whatever sports we did have him in they did NOT require a van!

    I was seriously looking into the Honda Elements. You’re an active might be perfect for you! SUV, awesome for camping or hitting the beach! And it’s Honda!! Gas saver! Great reliable vehicle!!

    If you happen to get it in burnt orange I will be insanely jealous!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Hey Butch,

    Let me second what VV is saying. Maya drives an Element ( seems so appropriate for a mermaid) and it is quite awesome! It can hold a TON of stuff, either one or both of the back seats can be removed like its a transformer ( my mtn bike easily fits in back w/ one seat out) AND wait for it….you can hose the whole damn thing out! HELLA BUTCH! Honda sells a tent that comes out of back of it. Quite possibly a Femme designed this vehicle, it is that smart. Almost like a Jeep with a hard top on. Also, it is right sized and fits into compact spaces and super easy to parallel park.
    So if you ever needed to rescue said polar bear friend, he would fit inside and clean up would be a breeze. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Once when my sister and I were going to Vegas, she arrived in Santa Cruz and we went to Hertz to pick up the rental car, and they said “there it is!” and the only think visible was a fucking FORD WINDSTAR. I said “no way am I driving into Vegas in a minivan, what else do you have?” and they said that was it (well, except for worse things like a Yugo or something) so we left. Love this column~

  6. Hey Butch!

    I’m gonna second that Subaru Forester – when I was researching vehicles, the SF came in at a close second after the Element for me (yes, all the things Kelly said about the E are true and Id buy another 2005 Element before a new ANYTHING again if I needed an other car – well, ok, maybe not if a Jeep got too close to me – I too have wanted a jeep since I was a kid. . . got driven to school in one by a cool neighbor and always coveted it). But the Forester is great – my mom had one (and this should not deter any butch – my mom was a short haired, tractor driving, tough guy – her fave vehicle was a mini backhoe. . .) and I drove it for a month while back east – in snow and on beaches and in the city. Decent cargo space, very solidly made, drives nicely, and like the E its almost-an-SUV but fits in parking better than the elephants – and its better for Polar Bears.

    Hope you find a great vehicle – and remember, its how Butch a Butch FEELS IN HERSELF, not her vehicle, that gives her that je ne sais quoi we Femmes fall for, so pick the car you like, like who you are, and drive whateverthef you like best!

    (Cant post a photo it seems – but here is a link to what I’d post if I could: – incase it doesnt work: Its a teeeeeny panel van/truck – but kinda butch with the FLAMES on the side. . . :- )

    HAPPY 2013!

  7. Butch,

    Stand your ground! Stay way from the mini-vans. My partner and I have a Ford Windstar (worst vehicle ever!). I had to give in, between us we have 5 kids. Now four are grown and on their own or in college, so no need for the van anymore. Last year we needed a second car and I compromised and got an old Sidekick. Kinda like a baby jeep but not as kewl. It fullfills my butch needs to work on a car without all the computer crap. Good luck in your search.


    • Tammy,

      Thank you! I feel your pain. With lots of kids, it’s really a must. No judgment there. I am not having any trouble resisting. I am so glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. Please stick around!


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