Cry like a Baby or Grimace like a Butch? Part 1

Today, I am off to the foot specialist where I am to get, most likely, a cortisone shot guided by an X-ray into the newly discovered arthritis across my mid foot. Yea!

I am happy to get a treatment that by all accounts should all but remove my pain for some period of time. However, I’ve had cortisone injections in the past. And they hurt like hell. So, I’m extremely anxious. Extremely.

In these moments, I don’t care about being butch (gasp), I just want to get through it. Here’s my strategy:

1. Take Ativan. This numbing pill is wonderful in situations like today. Check! Slight concern is making sure to take enough to help without turning into a bag of goo who needs to be poured back into the passenger seat for the ride home. We’ll see.

2. Support System. Bring the gorgeous fiancé and empower her to distract me and help me through anyway necessary – even so far as to remind me to be butch. Check! The time for sympathy is after the shot…perhaps when she’s pouring me into the passenger seat.

3. Focus on writing. Perhaps write a pithy little number about my anxiety. Oh, wait. Check!

Stay tuned for details on how we did. Whether I cried like a baby (ok in this situation), or actually grimaced like a butch.

It’s butch to ask for help when you need it. Today I need it. Be butch.

2 thoughts on “Cry like a Baby or Grimace like a Butch? Part 1

  1. One of the great gifts from the Universe is Ativan! This old gal cant get a blood draw without one…or two. Taking care of yourself is smart and adult! Good luck today!

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