It's Not That Complicated

Today, I texted my daughter to see if she knew what happened yesterday at the Supreme Court. Turns out, it’s just not that complicated. It went like this:

Me: Yesterday the US Supreme Court listened to lawyers argue about the right for gays to get married. Remember Prop 8, honey? The one we went and protested? It made it’s way up to our highest court. Both sides argued – our side for equal rights and for not just Mommy but all gays and lesbians in the US to be able to marry and the other side for hatred and keeping Mommy and only the gays and lesbians from getting married. It’s a big deal in history! We have to wait until June to hear what the 9 justices think.”

Her: O to bad we have to waight

Not a bad answer. It’s butch to teach your kids about equality, and it’s even more butch when they get it (typos aside). Be Butch.

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  1. I’ve two kids also and when I came out in 2011 to my then 11 yr old daughter & 10 yr old son they were just like ah ok what ever mam.. Kids are the product of their raring and yes I am willing to accept the credit for that as should any parent that has worked hard to teach their offsprings to be tolerant and accepting and know right from wrong. Our generation are so lucky to to be able to teach these things to the next generation and I think it’s only right that we remember if it weren’t for people all over the world standing in the face of adversity people may still be ver intolerant towards our Rainbow loving LGBT community.
    Great blog & great parenting as ever thank you Butch it’s with great excitement from across the great pond to your east that I read your blog.

  2. What a heartwarming exchange – reminds me of the conversations I had with my son when he was a boy. You are such a wonderful mom to teach your children about equality and to be open with them. I bet they think they have the coolest mom of all – and from what I hear I think they would be right on! You said a son and daughter – I wanted one of each but was blessed w one son and one granddaughter, now 15 – where does the time go? What are the ages of yours? Keep on keeping on, look forward to the next one. Peace.

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