Keep on Your Tomboy Toes!

Have you heard of Tomboy Toes? They are a new shoe company designing for women, butches, trans people, MOC folks – and anyone who might want a more masculine shoe than those traditionally found in the women’s section. I have been paying attention to them for some time now, watching their progress and rooting them on from the social media sidelines. I am off the sidelines, though, because Lauren over at Tomboy Toes sent me a pair of their Barrister Boots to check out.

I received the boots quickly and they came with their own little tin of polish. Nice touch.

(c) ButchOnTap


I have big feet. So big, in fact, that I ordered the biggest size they make. Happily, the boots fit, but if you have big feet like me, make sure you pay attention to the sizing. The styling of the boots is straightforward and appealing. The sole is rubber with a bit of a heel, and the laces are leather. I wore the boot – yes singular boot, to work with a suit. I’ve been in an orthopedic walking boot for a month, so I only got to wear one of the boots.

(c) ButchOnTap
(c) ButchOnTap

They look nice with my suit, right? They did make my foot look small, and oddly, I had a few moments thinking about whether or not that bothered me. I finally decided that it did not bother me. The boots are a pretty drastic change from the men’s shoes I normally wear. Nice to add them to my closet.

Slight downside is that the leather has an odor. I am sure that it will fade over time, but if you are highly smell sensitive, you might want to ask about this. The Barrister’s Boot is moderately priced at $85. If you are someone with small feet who is interested in a more masculine shoe, you should definitely check out Tomboy Toes. It’s Butch to wear shoes that match your style. Be Butch.

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