Mariah Hanson Explains Why You Should Come To The Dinah

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If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I get excited every year about going to The Dinah. If you’ve been to the big event, you know why. If you haven’t been… Why the hell haven’t you been? If you are a Dinah Virgin (it is a thing, they have stickers and everything), you may be asking yourself:

Am I too old to go to The Dinah?

Am I too Butch to go to The Dinah?

Am I too fat (or not skinny enough)?

Am I too married?

Am I too shy?

Am I too goth/nerdy/sporty/lipstick?

The answer to all of these questions is quite simply, NO. If you are a lesbian, then The Dinah is for you. If you think you might enjoy being surrounded by thousands (yes, thousands) of lesbians in the desert, dancing, drinking, swimming, and belonging, then The Dinah is for you.

I had the chance to talk to Mariah Hanson again this year. I love me some Mariah! I figured she would have a good answer to this question, and so I asked her – along with a few others.

Butch: For any Dinah Virgins out there thinking about coming, why should this year be the year that they come?

Mariah: This year is a not to miss for two reasons. The line up is fierce. And we are raising the volume on celebrating empowering and inspiring women and Dinah Virgins should be a part of that. It’s life changing. The Dinah is for all a unique opportunity to experience one of the most liberating and transforming festivals ever in the spirit of sisterhood and community.

Lots of talented artists perform or play at The Dinah.

Butch: What would you say to a lesbian who says she is too old to come to The Dinah?

Mariah: Age is a state of mind.  I say come join us and experience the magic that is the Dinah – it is an amazing platform for us all to live one of the most bonding experiences ever. The Dinah is about diversity and inclusion and that means there’s no discrimination.

It’s about acceptance of each other – no matter what the size of their body, the color of their skin, or the tax bracket they belong to. The event brings women together for one big giant celebration of the community and women in general.  It’s about sharing a mutual respect and understanding for the different lives women live, the struggles they face, the obstacles they’ve overcome, the battles they won, and the successes they have accomplished.

That time when Lady Gaga showed up at the pool party.

Butch: Is The Dinah becoming politically active? What made you make a change?

Mariah: It’s always been politically active as I have always been politically active.  I’m getting better at integrating the message and the message we have always delivered has become all the more resonant in a national dialogue so it’s more relevant than ever.  People are noticing the message more and we like that.  I’m passionately dedicated to continue to affirm The Dinah’s unwavering commitment to focus on the power of women to create big and lasting change. #WomenEmpowerment

Butch: How do you keep up your passion for the event and make it special year after year?

Mariah: My staff motivates me.  I love being able to have a positive influence on them behind the scenes.  And my customers inspire me as I hope every year they can see the possibility of a world where we transcend our differences and together celebrate our membership in the world community.

So, there you have it. Straight from the rainbow-horseback riding Queen of Dinah’s lips. The Dinah is right for everyone. It is a big, fat, lesbian celebration. The Dinah is for all of us.

Find details about The Dinah here. And, if you do decide to come this year for the first time (or for the 20th), please come find me and tell me!

It’s Butch to hang out with thousands of lesbians. Be Butch.


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