She Found Me

Butch is single. Isn’t she? I committed in a post late last year that Butch would stay single. It’s easier, I thought. After all, I need to keep some things for myself. Right? Plus, it is a lot of fun to flirt. No harm or anything. Just fun. Only it’s getting harder for Butch to be single. Butch has always been close to me. Not exactly me, but close. Butch is more confident than I am. More flirtatious. More fun, too. But, as Butch, I talk about things that really happen in my life. About thoughts that I really have. About my kids. My parents. My friends. Always. And yet, Butch is separate. I did that to protect myself. And my kids. My parents. My friends. And any woman I might be lucky enough to date.

But, I also put out a call to the Universe asking for what I want in my next partner. It was a pretty detailed list. I said I hoped I’d be lucky enough to find her someday. Well, I did. Or rather, She found me.

I haven’t wanted to share this, and so I’ve really not been sharing much at all. I haven’t posted anything in over a month. That ends now. So… I am not single. And, neither is Butch. I won’t tell you about her, though.

But, oh my gosh. I wish I could tell you about her! If I could, I would probably start out by telling you that she is beautiful. Gorgeous, really. She has style and dramatic flair. Everyone sees her. She turns heads when she walks anywhere. Men flirt with her. Butches would too, if I wasn’t standing there (trying to look even taller and bigger than I am). My friends all tell me how gorgeous she is – in that way that reminds me she’s out of my league. (I’m sure they don’t mean it that way, but my rampant insecurity, well, you know.)

She has curves. And freckles. Sigh on both counts. She is funny, and charming. Thoughtful and considerate. She is kind. Like so kind that I sometimes think she must be teasing me – but, she’s not. She is the nicest woman I have ever kissed. And, adorable. When she smiles and laughs it melts my heart. She is smart. Scary smart. Fiercely independent. Strong. Sassy. And sophisticated, well-traveled, open-minded, but not full of herself. Just a touch of uncertainty which makes her gorgeousness and brilliance tolerable.

I would also tell you that her friends call her a mermaid. She loves the water. She is crafty and likes to sew. She likes to go out and have fun. Wants to travel the world with me, and cuddle on the couch. She loves to play with my kids and that goes a long way. My kids adore her. And she them. I am pretty much over the moon.

So She found me. For the life of me, I don’t know why She did or what She sees in me. It’s definitely a Beauty and the beast thing we’ve got going. (She corrected me, “It’s not a Beauty and the Beast thing, it’s a Beauty and the Butch thing.”)

It’s too bad I can’t tell you about her. She really is amazing, but you’ll just have to trust me.

So, not only am I not single (and neither is Butch), I am in love. And so is Butch… With an amazing, sexy, gorgeous, brilliant, kind, funny, charming, adorable, independent, passionate Femme.

It’s Butch to be found by the world’s most amazing Femme and to recognize you’ve been found. I hope you are as lucky as me. Be Butch.

24 thoughts on “She Found Me

  1. Congrats…and *sigh* Another prospective wonderful butch that will not be my possible match. The single femme lesbian world is a little sadder today.

  2. YAY Butch/Tristan!! Congratulations to both your ‘selves’ and hooray for more love in this world! I, as I think you know, am a big fan of the pairing of Butches and Mermaids. Blessings to you and your Mermaid. Sending you both HUGS & Love, Maya

  3. Congratulations! I’m always happy to hear about those that have found love 🙂 blessings to you both. And knowing the kids adore her is definitely a plus…I don’t trust anyone my kid or my dog doesn’t like 😉

  4. About time Butch! Congrats on finding each other, because I think the finding happens on both ends.

    I hope you guys are happy together.

  5. Congrats dude…well deserved! She found you…because underneath the “Butch” is a beautiful person. And she recognizes that.

  6. Butch is dramatic, exuberant, and given to flights of fancy. Given those traits one might expect that her new found Femme would be a tad ‘less than’… You know, not quite as blushing, cute, or smart as she touts maybe. As all mothers know, you hold back a little where your child is concerned. You wait and watch to be sure.
    Having done all of that, this Mum can report that Butch is actually UNDERSTATING how lovely this Femme is and how graciously and beautifully she blends into this ohana (family)! Kudos to you both for finding each other and for making it so fun to be with you!

  7. Do not underestimate yourself as far as the beauty and the beast thing. You are butch and very sexy yourself. I am extremely happy you and your mermaid found each other. You are an adorable couple. Knowing the mermaid personally, yall make a perfect couple. Have many blessed and fun filled days together. hugs to you both.

  8. Just caught up a little on reading, and happy to hear you’ve come so far as to go semi-public! Congratulations! 🙂 And your lovely Mermaid is, I’m sure, absolutely thrilled with the turn of events, too. 🙂 *hugs*

    • Thank you, Rita. I don’t necessarily believe in the “one and only” concept, but I do believe there are people for everyone. Just a matter of how long it takes to find then and identifying them when they enter your life.

  9. Like FemOutLoud, I’m catching up on my favorite bloggers!! I have been waiting for such an announcement!! So, incredibly happy for you!! The both of you!!! <3 Congrats a million times!!
    You're handsome, she's gorgeous! Y'all are a dynamic couple together! So hush up on that insecurity hoopla! 😉

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