X Marks the Spot

Hi all. I’m headed to surgery bright and early this morning. So early, in fact, that it’s dark outside. The thought is they will rebuild my Bicep and clean up my rotator cuff or labrum (which sounds dirty every time I say it). I’m butch enough to admit some trepidation. Hell, I’ll even call it fright. Sigh.

Upside? It’s a POWERLIFTING injury. Heh. Not a I’m-so-clumsy injury or an I’m-too-out-of-shape injury. As one of my trainers said, I earned this one. I am gonna hold onto that!

It will be hard to need so much help for a bit, but that’s a whole other story and I don’t have time to write it just now. I will be offline for a few days to rest and recover. But also, I’m pretty sure the pain meds might make me type something ill-advised. Wink.

Have a good couple of days!

It’s butch to take care of yourself – even when it hurts. Be Butch.

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