10 (Chronological) Signs You Have Monday Disorientation

1. You sleep through your alarm
2. Your cats hurl themselves at your bedroom door in disgust
3. You get shampoo in your eyes
4. You knock the conditioner off the shelf in your shampoo-induced blindness and it lands on your (bad) foot
5. Your phone chargers are still packed, so both phones are dead
6. Those pesky car keys are nowhere to be found
7. You forget your vitamins and have to go back in the house to get them
8. You walk away from your car leaving the windows open
9. You drop your brief bag and the contents spill out onto the pavement
10. You hit the emergency button in the elevator and have to wait embarrassed to tell the operator that you are not in fact stuck, just disoriented, and mumble a rushed apology

2 thoughts on “10 (Chronological) Signs You Have Monday Disorientation

  1. This is a well documented mental condition brought on by having too much fun over the weekend. Thankfully the cure is caffeine which is readily available at your local drug pusher or Starbucks.

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