Wish You Were Here!

[Imagine a getting a postcard from me that reads…]

Hi Friend!

How are you? Sorry I haven’t written lately, but I’m having so much fun on holiday and it’s quite hard to keep up. I’ve been taking lots of notes and jotting down things I’ve observed in my travels so far, and I plan to share a lot when I get home.

For now, we’ve been to Barcelona, Naples, Pompeii, Citavecchia, Rome, Sorrento, Florence, and the Vatican City. We are off to France tonight.

Access to wireless is really expensive, so the gorgeous fiancé and I are looking at our holiday as being one away from technology and our phones, as well as being away from work.

We are taking hundreds of pictures, soaking in memories and sun, and making some wonderful new friends. I’ll talk to you soon…

Until then, be butch. Ciao!

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