I Have Barbie Feet!

My wife came home from her first physical therapy appointment today. She is having some issues with her hip. Anyway, I asked her how it went. “Good,” she says. “The therapist evaluated my feet, calves, knees, the whole chain. She told me that I have Barbie Feet!”

I could tell by the smile on her face that she loved this. She admitted as much.

It means what you might guess. She has such high arches that her feet look like the idealistic feet of the Barbie doll. Given the ridiculous facade that girls are meant to compare themselves to, this is indeed a twist on the old paradigm.

Anyone grow up trying to have a waist as tiny as Barbie? Arms that are almost brittle and legs that apparently cannot sustain her body (anatomically speaking)? Yes? Well, perhaps you will be lucky enough to have Barbie feet.

Here’s to a society where no girl grows into a woman who is ever made to feel less than because of a doll. Oh, and to high-arched Barbie feet.

It’s butch to create realistic body image expectations. Be Butch.

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