I Resolve To Be Perfect!

Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on what I’d like to accomplish and focus on this year. Perhaps this extended period of navel gazing is because of my fever, or lack of sleep (I’ve got pneumonia). Whatever the reason, I appreciate the renewed focus.

Like many of you, the new year brings me thoughts of renewal. A chance for personal evolution! Perhaps also like most of you, this kind of thinking never works. My resolutions to evolve fall into two categories:

1. Impossible to maintain. “I will not eat any fast food.” “I will work out everyday.” “I won’t spend any money on iTunes. (Seriously? Come on!)”

2. Vague and over broad. “I will treat my body like a temple.” “I will do everything right.”

These types of resolutions tend to have the opposite effect that I’m looking for – self improvement. Instead, I get discouraged on Day 4 when I have McDonalds, or a few days later when I miss a workout. Or when I break down and buy P!NK’s new album. What the hell was I thinking, how can anyone do everything right? Why bother?

All or nothing really just guarantees nothing. This year, I’m taking a decidedly different approach. Again, this might be the pneumonia, but who knows? Let’s hope for the best.

Here, I list my big areas of focus, and specific yet forgiving action items (unless those are really private), for this year. I don’t think any of these fall into my two favorite immobilizing categories.

Throughout 2018, I intend to…

Be healthy

  • Less chemicals on and in my body
  • Drink more water than anything else each day

Be fiscally sound

Enrich my mind

  • Read a few books
  • More time writing than on video games
  • Study Japanese

Fortify our home

  • More sound and finished at year end than at start
  • Understand our thermostat

Be more earth friendly

  • Compost
  • Rain barrels
  • Reduce waste
  • Support a bee hive

Be focused on excellence at work and in my career

Be a rabid supporter of my family

Be more active

  • Kayak, hike, bike, scuba dive, golf, or geocache at least once a month

Be more private

  • Develop a robust password system
  • Disconnect from mailing lists
  • Sever ties to gmail
  • Use epic and other safe browsers
  • Get a landline phone
  • Renew “Do not call” lists

(Ironically, I am sharing more about this area than any other. I do so with the hope you will consider some of these measures, too.)

Be a good friend


  • Visit Seattle, Austin, New Orleans, Miami, Denver, Boston, Cancun and Glasgow

Throughout my life I see years that were marked by a particular event. There was the year I graduated law school, the two years I became a mother, the year I became emotionally whole, the year I got physically fit, the year I met my wife, etc. It is my hope that this year will be known as the year that I set my intentions and focus well and achieved most of them. Hell, even some of them.

It’s Butch to self reflect. Be Butch.

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