On My Body

Hey Bots! I need some help as I am working on one of my focus areas – Be healthy: less chemicals on and in my body. Today, let’s focus on the “on” my body.

Specifically, body wash and hair products. I have been using Jack Black facial moisturizer for several years. I really like it. It’s light, smells butch, and has some SPF in it. But it’s not totally organic. Any suggestions?

Next, shampoo and conditioner. I am currently using up giant bottles of American Crew (and will not waste it). I like Bumble and Bumble, Aveda, and Bedhead. To my knowledge, none of these are truly organic – though they are various levels of natural, and cruelty free. What’s a Butch to do? I’m thinking about investing in some aluminum bottles (super butch) and going to get refills at a co-op. I don’t know how good the products are though. What have you all used? Any successes to share?

I’m set on pomade, but any suggestions on hairspray?

It’s Butch to follow through on your intentions. Be Butch.

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