Ode to Han Solo

On May the Fourth Be With You, or Star Wars Day, I’d like to pay homage to Mr. Han Solo. Today, I am dressed like Han. I will walk around today in my Han costume, pretending to be him. Rakish good looks, charm to spare, self confidence on overload.

Do I do this for the clothes? The cool blaster and holster? Do I do this because I want to be a pilot? Have a giant fuzzy bear as a bff? Do I wish I could run and shoot like him? Skirt responsibility like him? Is Han my favorite Star Wars character?


My favorite is Princess Leia, nee General Organza. She is one badass woman. Her father killed her mother, abandoned her and her brother, killed millions of people in a bid to take over the galaxy, and chopped her brother’s hand off. Her brother was severely tempted by the Dark Side before running away from every living being to a lonely vaguely Irish-looking planet. Her son became the next Big Evil before killing his own father (her husband) and trying to kill her niece (?).

Leia was never tempted by the Dark Side. We never see her cower or defer to one of the multitude of men around her. She, unlike every Stormtrooper in the Empire’s force, hits what she is aiming for. She runs without falling down, wears white without getting dirty, and is generally an all around woman to idolize. Leia dedicates her entire life to fighting evil. So, yeah, she’s my favorite.

Why am I dressed as Han today then, you ask? Because he gets to be with Leia.

May the Fourth Be With You. Star Wars is hella Butch. Be Butch.

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