Every Time a Butch Ties Her Bow Tie, Her Guardian Angel Butch Earns a Beer

I love talking about Butch fashion. I think Butches can benefit from some sharing in this regard. Many of us grew up in a household where we weren’t taught how to dress, like our siblings and friends who were all lined up gender-wise were. Moms teach their daughters how to dress for different occasions. This length of skirt for school, this one for a cocktail party, and this one for a formal event. Dads teach their sons how to match their shoes to their belt, how to shave, and how to tie a tie. Not all Butches had a parent who could help them to find their own way in the world of fashion. And, as I have written about before, some of us haven’t figured out that we can shop in the men’s section. As a result, many Butches end up looking underdressed or, even worse, uncomfortable in the clothes they have on. When a Butch does get comfortable wearing the clothes that she might be most drawn to, regardless of the section they are found in, it is a beautiful thing.

This is not a post about that, however. I just think it cannot be said often enough.

This is a post about a friend of mine who tied her first bow tie this past weekend. Her name is Toni and she identifies as Butch – so it is OK for me to refer to her as such. My friend Toni has a mean fashion game. Excellent shirts, cool vests. She rocks the straight tie. But this weekend, she stepped it up. I got a text from her with this picture and the text in the caption below.

Boom! Bow tie tied.

Look at the bow tie she tied herself! And that pocket square! Gah!

She didn’t know it when she sent the text, but we were going to the same event. My wife and I saw her at the event and I gave her a hearty Butch congratulations – which obviously includes lots of back slapping and loud exchanges. She said that I inspired her to wear and tie her own tie. I am so chuffed. It made me think of It’s A Wonderful Life, and how every time a bell rings, a guardian angel gets their wings. So, if we have guardian angels, there must be some that are Butch. Hopefully, the Butch guardian angels are assigned to the Butches. If the Butches have a guardian angel butch, I imagine that they would get a beer every time their Butch tied her own bow tie.

It is very Butch to tie your own bow tie. Be Butch.

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