One Sick Butch

Hi all. I am a butch down with a cold. What an irritating inconvenience. I am sick, and have been for almost a week, but I cannot find a hot nurse nearby! Woe is me. It got me to thinking… how do you handle yourself when you are sick? Do we butches get sick any differently than non-butches?

For example, there is a stereotype that men are total babies when they are sick – relying on their partners for everything. “Honey, I think I am going to die!” “No dear, you just have a cold.” Right? Well, this is certainly not true for me.

I’m sick. I feel sorry for myself, but I am taking care of things. Picked up a bunch of DayQuil, NyQuil, cough drops, and those soft lotion tissues (don’t judge!). Went to work until I didn’t feel like I should anymore. Hit the gym the first two days, but then was smart enough to take a break the next two. Yesterday’s work out was modified, but I did it.  Today, I took myself to the doctor. Got my prescription and came home to rest. I am about to go to the store and get myself some chicken tortilla soup (I’m too irritated to make my famous, heal-you-when-you-are-sick chicken noodle soup for myself). Tonight, I will pair that with a lovely Ginger Ale, bad TV, and an early bed time.

I pick up all my tissues, put away the thermometer, still handle the laundry and normal chores, and basically take care of stuff. Of course, I would not turn down an offer of help if given, but I don’t really need it. Plus, it would limit my ability to feel sorry for myself…

How about you, dear readers? How do you handle yourself when you are sick? Can we butches claim to be superior in the getting sick department?

Its butch to take care of yourself and get better. Be butch.

16 thoughts on “One Sick Butch

  1. As a femme medic..I find that butch women just want to be taken care of when they are sick. Its quite cute when they get all whiney and pout to be nursed back to health. Lol

  2. I’ve had some butches that were big babies when they were sick, and some that were not…

    But most butches who really want to be babied when sick are not likely to admit it, I think.

    Hope you feel better!

  3. Like you, I take care of my business and daily expected tasks…but I might end the day collapsed on the couch instead of standing on my feet to hug and kiss my girl when she comes home (since I’m usually home first). Depends how hard the meds are hitting me!

  4. in my experience I have dated the take care of business types and will admit I am in fact the bigger baby however, at the end of the day when business is taken care of chicken soup and a backrub are rarely turned down and even if the butchies turn it down the secretly want it. some are just better at the internal pout.

  5. Ya ya butch…I thinking you’re just showing off. My butch gets terrible man-flu. I’m the kind of “leave me alone and let me get better” type of sick person, add to that a mom to twins and a full service wife (ie stay at home mom who cooks, cleans, takes my wides suits to get dry cleaned, does grocery shopping, runs the household budget etc) which all-in-all leaves me with little time to wallow in self-pity when sick.

    My Dear Wife however needs serious pampering when ill. I am expected to rub Vicks on her chest and back, medicate her with an array of OTC goodies, give her extra cuddles, bring her tea with honey and lemon. She really gets quite sorry when ill.

    It is also butch to let your femme fuss over you when you are sick. I know I enjoy tending my butch and making her feel better. So on the flip side, it’s femme to play nurse-nurse for a sick butch. 😉

  6. Hey Butch!

    Dude, hope you’re feeling better. I am like you, being sick doesn’t really change much of what I do. I don’t expect special attention from my Femme, and it is very appreciated if she offers any. I too keep working out and biking because it makes me feel better. Most people in my life just do not get that. Makes me feel l like I’m pushing the sick out of me.

    On another note, just wanted to pass on some butch praise to you: I had jury duty the other day and spent most of the day sitting in the jury lounge. While passing the time surfing the web on my IPad, I scrolled to you (in my favorites) and needed to refresh the page. Dude, in the downtown SD courthouse, their server would not open your page because it classified this blog as porn. That’s right PORN. DUDE HOW COOL IS THAT!

    Fist bump to you!

  7. If I’m sick, just leave me be. This big, bad butch doesn’t need anyone’s help. I got sick by myself, so I’ll get better by myself. As you can see, I do get a little grumpy, though. If you want to go out and get me some hot and sour soup, I won’t turn it down. I know … mixed messages. I’m not so easy to love.

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