Perks of Having Perkies

There are some perks reserved for those of us with breasts. For whatever reason, Butches and men lose their collective shit when in the presence of a nice pair of breasts. You don’t agree?

Ladies, Butches and men often hold the door open for you, right? You don’t have to pay for dinner on a first date. Your partner takes out the trash. Kills (or relocates) the bugs. Checks odd noises at night in the house – alone (we don’t like doing this, by the way). All that stuff I talk about doing as a Butch.

Now, I’m not saying that being a woman, a lady, or a Femme is the privileged state. We all know that men still enjoy the preponderance of privilege in our society today. But women, ladies, and my beloved Femmes do enjoy privileges that men cannot traditionally get away with.

Like what? Well, I am glad you asked. I will give you an example.

Ladies store things in their cleavage. What? You know it’s true. ID, a $20 bill, lipstick, you name it. The bigger the bosom, the more the options.

Recently, I took full advantage of this privilege. Yes, me. What did I store in my bosom? My lipstick? Perish the thought. But, tissue? Yes. What can I say? I have a cold. I am on a plane. The seatbelt interferes with my pockets, but not my boobs. I even took a picture to act as proof.

So there you have it. Even a Butch like me can occasionally benefit from female privilege.

Any Butches out there want to admit to storing things in their ample bosoms?

It’s butch to do what needs to be done. Be Butch.

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