Like a Butch

My daughter has a new expression: Like a Boss.

I realize that this is not new, but it’s new to her and our household. She announced the other day that all the boys in her 4th grade class were saying it. I remember a gorgeous femme explaining it to me a little while back. What can I say? I am not very hip.

Here are a few of the images I found that represent the expression which is meant to be a clever way of explaining that you are doing something with authority.

Anyway, this past weekend, everything we did, we were doing it “Like a Boss.” It was fun. Then my son added a lovely new twist.

“Mom, you should say ‘Like a Butch’ instead.” First of all, please remember that he is 6. Second of all, how cute is that? And third, how wonderfully accepted did that make me feel? Happy sigh. So, now in our house, we use both expressions. I favor Like a Butch, of course. There are gestures that go with each, as well.

Like a Boss seems to be accompanied by the double pistol hands – formerly considered lame and dated (like from the 70s). But now, hip and cool…at least with the 4th grade set. Like a Butch, however, according to my son, should be accompanied with a bicep curl. So, that’s rad.

It’s butch to act Like a Butch (bicep curl). Be Butch.

2 thoughts on “Like a Butch

  1. There is a generational issue here I feel compelled to mention. After a certain age (I am there) doing a bicep curl results in a little loose skin on the bottom of your arm. YIKES!! No way am I going there, no matter how cool it is! Can it be butch to wear sleeves too?!?

  2. LOVE this! It’s cute and sentimental, uplifting and fun!
    Rosie the Riveter has been a symbol of woman power to me for many
    years! A big favorite!
    The thing I most love in the blog is your description of your weekend with your children and what fun, love, joy, pride you experience with each other as a family. How cool is that! Be rad! Be Boss! Be Butch!

    Speaking of the dated 70s let’s hear it from Cat Stevens,
    “And if you want to be me, be me
    And if you want to be you, be you
    ‘Cause there’s a million things to do
    You know that there are!

    What a fun song to sing and dance to, Butch, with your son and daughter. I can see the three of you hopping and skipping about and collapsing into giggles as you silly wiggle your way through it! and make up your own verses!
    And in the words of our today’s kd lang “Sing It Loud”!

    Thanks for sharing this and adding a bright spot to my day! Anne

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